​2018-2019 School Board Members

Ms. Mary Jo Kever - Principal

Mr. Alex Baranosky - Assistant Principal

Fr. David Fleming - Pastor 

Lindsay Sweeney, President

Bill Hunnicutt, Vice President 

Christina Marshall, Executive Secretary

Suzanne Crowley, Recording Secretary 

Greg Hayes

Ryan Sauer

Genevieve Hodges-Sisco

Kelly Cain

Tricia Johnson

Renee Blakely

2018-2019 Meeting Dates

               August 2, 2018

               September 6, 2018

               October 4, 2018

               November 8, 2018

               December 6, 2018

               January 3, 2019

               February 7, 2019

               March 7, 2019

               April 4, 2019

               May 2, 2019

               June 7, 2019

School Board

The School Board’s responsibility is to provide opportunities for the continued growth of the Catholic community by offering a variety of programs centered on Jesus Christ and His teachings. These programs develop from shared instructional goals designed for the benefit of persons receiving instruction in the programs. The whole person is served in a God-centered environment based on Gospel principles and life in Jesus Christ.

The School Board provides for the growth of the person by helping to develop personal dignity and respect for themselves and others. Growth is directed in areas of spiritual, moral, intellectual, emotional and physical development.

Meeting take place the first Thursday of every month (except July) at 6:00PM in the school conference room. An agenda for each regular school board meeting includes an Open Forum so that interested parties may present their ideas, suggestions and concerns.

Any individual wishing to address the School Board during an Open Forum should contact the Board President, or school principal 2 weeks prior to the meeting to be placed on the agenda and should indicate the topic for discussion.  Generally, Open Forum is limited to 15 minutes, and an individual presentation is limited to three to five minutes. The individual is encouraged to have a written summary of comments to present to the Board President at the meeting.


The School Board may discuss matters presented at Open Forum during the current or next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Issues concerning individual staff members or students will be discussed in Executive session only.


If the Board takes any action on a matter presented at Open Forum, the President of the Board will provide a written response to the presenter.  If the Board refers an issue for further investigation and recommendation, the President will also provide a written response to the presenter no later than ten working days following the Board’s final decision on the issue.  Any response will be shared with all members of the Board and the administrator involved.  A copy of the letter will be retained within the appropriate administrative office. 

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