Dress Code

The St. Pius Dress Code has been designed to provide an atmosphere that is conducive to the promotion of learning. A neat, attractive appearance contributes to a positive learning environment in the school. A minimum standard of personal grooming and cleanliness ensures that teachers and students are not distracted. All students attending Kindergarten through 8th Grade at St. Pius X School must observe the Dress Code.

Preschool does not have a dress code, however, tank tops or strapless/sleeveless shirts are not recommended. Students should wear tennis shoes to school, not sandals or flip-flops.

*Girls in Kindergarten through 5th grade may wear the plaid uniform jumper or plaid skort, and girls 6th through 8th grade (Middle School) may wear the plaid uniform skort.


Approved dress code items can be purchased at LandsEnd.com

(School Number 900154188). When shopping Lands End, it is important to use the school number. You will see the school logo when you enter the School Number and then be able to purchase St. Pius X dress code items. 

The following is for Girls and Boys in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

Shirts (must have collars)

    Navy Blue

    Solid White (not cream or beige)           

Sweaters and Vests

    Navy Blue

    Solid White (not cream or beige)

    Dress code shirts must be worn under crew neck and v-neck sweaters

    Fleece vests are not part of the dress code.


    St. Pius X sweatshirts and fleece with the school logo,

    and no additional writing, are the only sweatshirts or fleece are allowed as part

    of the uniform during the school day. Uniform shirts

    must be worn underneath.

Pants and shorts
    Colors: khaki tan and navy blue

    Pants are to be dressed up style and in good repair – no torn knees

    or frayed hems.

    Pants may be corduroy. No jeans or denim materials are allowed.  

Shorts or Capri-style pants (below the knee, above the ankle) may be worn

from April 15th through October 15th only.​​​​


    If there are belt loops on pants/shorts then a belt must be worn.

    Belts are optional in Kindergarten and 1st grade. If they choose to wear belts in      those grades, then they must have belts they can unfasten and

    fasten themselves.


   Socks: Colors: solid colors of white, navy blue, or black. Small labels or emblems of the brand name, included by the manufacturer, will be allowed.

Socks/hosiery/footie-style feet coverings must be worn at all times in all shoe types.



    Shoes designed with shoelaces must have shoelaces in them, and be tied. 

    Must have closed toes and backs.

    Sandals/Crocs may not be worn.

    No shoes with wheels in them.

For additional information please refer to the Student/Family Handbook. 

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