For those with the resources to afford the full tuition, the benefits of a Christ-centered education are well worth the investment.  But what about those families who want to send their children to Catholic school, but simply don’t have the income to pay the full cost of tuition? Below are some of the different resources St. Pius X has available to these families.

The Catholic Tuition Organization (CTO)
The Catholic Tuition Organization grants annual tuition awards to families who need financial assistance.  The CTO accepts applications from families whose family size and household income falls within certain levels.  During the 2017-2018 school year, eligible students were able to afford Catholic education through CTO with over $75,000 in tuition assistance.  For additional information, please contact the school office or visit the CTO website.

Student Scholarships

Each year, students are given an opportunity to apply for a number of scholarships offered by various benefactors and parishioners. These segregated funds are held in the St. Pius X Foundation for annual disbursement.

The St. Pius class of 2018, in conjunction with the St. Pius Foundation, has established the "St. Pius Parents' Scholarship Fund."  The funds will be invested by the St. Pius Foundation, and proceeds above a 5% rate of return will be awarded as tuition gifts to St. Pius families beginning in the spring of 2019.  While the fund was started by this 2018's 8th grade class, we welcome contributions from all St. Pius parents, grandparents, parishioners, and anyone else who has a desire to help other parents at St. Pius School. Thanks for your consideration!

Applications for Financial Assistance are available in the school office.

Tuition Assistance

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