About Us

St. Pius X Catholic School, is a growing community of students, preschool through 8th grade, who work and worship together. Parents, faculty and students at St. Pius X are very proud of the quality of education each child receives at the school.

We provide for the education of the whole child not only by integrating strong curriculum instruction but also by teaching religious principles as a part of everyday learning.

Building on the foundation of Catholic values established in the home, St. Pius X School affords students the opportunity for further spiritual growth and the development of moral character. As a result of this philosophy, a child grows strong in the beliefs of the Catholic faith while achieving academic success.

What makes us special? 

Student centered classrooms provide oportunities for active participation by students through group and individual projects, cooperative learning, and paired learning.

The unique combination of our teachers being certified by the State of Iowa and the Diocese of Des Moines allows them to provide our students with Catholic traditions and values, as well as academic excellence.

Our state-of-the-art networked computer lab, mobile lab and media center is designed to give each student direct training and practice in today's technological world.


A weekly, student-planned Mass teaches our children the beauty and importance of our faith, which is the main goal of a Catholic education.

A welcoming spirit enables our St. Pius X community several chances to meet, pray and volunteer together.


  • Outstanding placement in math competitions
  • "Judges Choice Ribbon" at Heartland AEA Technology Fair
  • Outstanding band Solo & Ensemble ratings
  • High placement in Parochial Athletic League boy's and girl's basketball
  • First place finishes in Destination Imagination State Tournament
  • An active service group who helps organizations in need.
  • Mission Awareness Days to benefit charities around the world.
  • Presidential Academic Fitness guideline winners
  • "Invent Iowa" state level winners
  • Publicaton of poetry in "A Celebration of the Midwest's Young Poets" anthology
  • Regional winning teams and state placement in Mock Trial
  • State qualifying Mock Trial teams

St. Pius X

Pope Pius X is perhaps best remembered for his encouragement of the frequent reception of Holy Communion, especially by children.

The second of 10 children in a poor Italian family, Joseph Sarto became Pius X at 68, one of the 20th century’s greatest popes.

Ever mindful of his humble origin, he stated, “I was born poor, I lived poor, I will die poor.” He was embarrassed by some of the pomp of the papal court. “Look how they have dressed me up,” he said in tears to an old friend. To another, “It is a penance to be forced to accept all these practices. They lead me around surrounded by soldiers like Jesus when he was seized in Gethsemani.”

Interested in politics, he encouraged Italian Catholics to become more politically involved. One of his first papal acts was to end the supposed right of governments to interfere by veto in papal elections—a practice that reduced the freedom of the 1903 conclave which had elected him.

In 1905, when France renounced its agreement with the Holy See and threatened confiscation of Church property if governmental control of Church affairs were not granted, Pius X courageously rejected the demand.

While he did not author a famous social encyclical as his predecessor had done, he denounced the ill treatment of indigenous peoples on the plantations of Peru, sent a relief commission to Messina after an earthquake and sheltered refugees at his own expense.

On the 11th anniversary of his election as pope, Europe was plunged into World War I. Pius had foreseen it, but it killed him. “This is the last affliction the Lord will visit on me. I would gladly give my life to save my poor children from this ghastly scourge.” He died a few weeks after the war began and  was canonized in 1954.

Source: AmericanCatholic.org

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