"What St. Pius X School has to offer students that is different from other schools is its faith-based education where students and teachers truly care about each other, who they are and what they do..."

Principal Zahm

"Computers have been a core part of our kids' curriculum each year.  The technology capabilities were recently expanded to include a "mobile lab" (in addition to the core classroom lab) for students to use in their classrooms to do research and other activities.  We have seen the study skills and responsibility instilled in the early grades emerge in solid middle school study habits."

St. Pius X Parent

That the Lord is always with me helping me and I need to thank Him for all He has given me and I need to respect things He made and respect myself.

D. D. grade 8

I have learned about all sorts of things like Jesus, the world, dialog, grammar, and so much more.

G. D. grade 6

"... the classmates who from Day 1 made my daughter feel like she wasn't a new student... that has never happened to my children before--to feel comfortable on the first day at a new school."​​

St. Pius X Parent

Ever since I switched schools (from public), I think I have grown closer to God.  I have learned many prayers in fifth and sixth grade, but my first year here, in fourth grade, I learned the Beatitudes and the Ten Commandments.  I am enjoying this journey and will proceed to learn more.

J. T. grade 6

"...I really believe in a Catholic education. I choose to teach at St. Pius X School because it is a faith-filled community and the parents and students are remarkable to work with."

St. Pius X Teacher

"Providing our children with a Catholic education is an outstanding investment for our family.  Our children receive a values-based education in an environment where kids, families, and faculty are truly committed to high achievement - academically, socially, and spiritually."​​

St. Pius X Teacher

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