Unit 3 (6 - 8 Middle School)

Our regular curriculum areas include:

Religion                                      Health/Safety                                Vocal Music                                Technology

Guidance                                    Language Arts                              Library                                        Mathematics

Visual Art                                    Science                                         Social Studies                             Spelling                                      Handwriting                                 Reading/Literature                       Physical Education                      Spanish


Other areas integrated throughout the regular curriculum include:

Study Skills                                  Multicultural/NonSexist Education                     Global Awareness Education     

Human Growth and Education     Library Skills                                                     D.A.R.E.


Our middle school consists of students in Grades 6 - 8. At this time, they experience departmentalized content areas as teachers instruct a specific 6, 7, 8 content area.


Large group and individualized reading programs continue in Middle School.


Math concepts expand to include high school preparation including algebra for 8th grade.


In addition these students participate in technology, guidance, Spanish, musicals, band and drama.


Please contact the school office if you have additional questions.

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